HatTalk 2020 - Sydney Sails

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Sydney Sails - inspired by the timeless Sydney Opera House

This year, milliners were challenged to create an original hat or headpiece using the word TIMELESS as the concept for the design.

This was an abstract theme which could be defined and interpreted in any number of ways. Judging criteria includes: quality of workmanship; originality of design; theme interpretation.

Sydney Sails

This headpiece explores the timeless sail-like silhouette of the Sydney Opera House.

Designed by Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, Sydney’s Opera House is a timeless expression of the fusion between design and engineering. Recognised globally, the design has had an enduring influence on architecture.

This headpiece captures the building’s minimalist and modern clean lines as well as the elegant simplicity of repetition. The sail-like shapes are combined to echo various views across Sydney Harbour of the iconic building.

The paper woven fabric’s silver sheen recalls the texture and beautiful finish of the sail’s tiles as they reflect the Australian sun.

Materials used

Paper woven fabric (also known as Paper Raffia or Shantung)

Millinery wire

Silver ribbon

Metal headband

Techniques used

Using silver and white paper woven fabric, the same hat block shape was blocked three times to create three identical sail shapes. Each sail shape was blocked in one and the internal edge lined with matching fabric bias strips. A specially designed curved base from matching fabric is attached to a silver ribbon trimmed metal headband. The three sail shapes are carefully balanced together on the curved base to create various viewpoints of the Sydney Opera House sails.



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