MIMC 2020 - Very Berry

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Also a finalist in the 2020 Melbourne International Millinery Competition, Very Berry transforms materials into something new, while still maintaining a link to their original purpose.

This hat is created from a torn and faded jumper and an old shirt discarded from my husband’s wardrobe.

Using an old straw panama as a block, I created an inner and outer crown from the jumper. The top of the crown is trimmed with the neck edging from the jumper, echoing the jumper’s V-neck.

I made the upper brim from the jumper and the underside from the shirt. The brim is wired with wire from the old hat. The internal head-fitting ribbon was created from the shirt.

Very Berry is adorned with the collar and a cuff from the shirt. The collar points are wired with wire ties from a new phone charger cord. The jumper’s band has become a hat band.




Photography: #stavrofoto

Model & HMU: Charlie Jean #trulycharliejean

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