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Melbourne milliner Catherine Storm
Melbourne milliner Catherine Storm in her studio
Melbourne milliner Catherine Storm wiring Swiss braid for a hat
Melbourne milliner Catherine Storm making crinoline trims for hats and headpieces

Catherine started making hats & headpieces while living in Europe.

Her work has sold around the world & featured in fashion parades in the UK, France, China & Australia.


After leaving a corporate role with Heineken in Amsterdam, Catherine took the opportunity to build on her dressmaking expertise & learn the art of millinery.

“I could always make my own special occasion wear such as Melbourne Cup race wear, but I was always reliant on someone else to make my hats. Learning millinery gave me the freedom to create complete outfits that matched my vision exactly. Sometimes it is the hat that inspires the dress and sometimes it is the dress that inspires the hat."


Catherine is largely self taught, benefiting significantly from her dressmaking background.


After relocating from Amsterdam to Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013, Catherine established her own label.


Now back in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Catherine continues to create European influenced millinery.

Catherine is a Fellow Member of Millinery Australia and was Vice President of the 2022 Committee.

She is also a member of the Dutch Hat Association (Nederlandse Hoedenvereniging NHV).


3rd Place 2023 Millinery Australia Design Award

Top 10, 2021 Millinery Australia Design Award 

Innovation Prize & Top 10,  2021 Hattember Competition

Top 10, 2021 Dutch Millinery Competition

Top 10,  2020 Hattember Competition

Top 8, 2020 Melbourne International Millinery Competition

1st Prize, Formal Headwear, 2019 Royal Melbourne Show

Best Exhibit Millinery, 2018 Royal Melbourne Show

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